Russell Wiese
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Russell is a commercial lawyer with a particular focus on the international trade in goods. Russell assists Australian and international clients with all the issues that arise in international supply chains including customs compliance, utilizing free trade agreements, trade remedies (anti-dumping), agency agreements, distribution agreements and disputes involving freight forwarders, customs brokers, shipping lines and airlines.

Australian Customs Issues for the New Financial Year
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Reading Time: 3 minutesThe start of the new Australian financial year brings about a number of changes that exporters to Australia should be aware of. Some changes are so significant that has said that it will no longer ship to Australian addresses. However, while there are increased compliance issues, there are also new benefits that exporters should […]

Australia avoids US steel and aluminium tariffs but will feel the effects of a trade war
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Reading Time: 3 minutesAustralia exempt from large US tariffs on imported steel and aluminium US President Trump announced that Australia, together with Brazil and Argentina would be exempt from large US tariffs on imported steel and aluminium. President Trump was of the opinion that exports from these three countries alone did not threaten US national security. The reasoning in respect […]

Australian Federal Budget 2018/2019 Guide for International Trade Professionals
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Reading Time: 4 minutesThere was a time when customs tariffs accounted for 80% of the Commonwealth Government’s revenue. While customs duty revenue may not make the headlines in 2018, there are still a number of interesting customs and trade takeaways from the 2018/19 budget. Single Window The Government will spend provide $10.5 million to transform and modernise Australia’s international […]

The One Clause That Makes Contracts with Chinese Suppliers Unenforceable
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Reading Time: 3 minutesIf business dealings were predictable and everything went perfectly, we wouldn’t need contracts. Often a contract is signed and buried in a drawer only to be seen again if the parties are in dispute. When that time comes your contract is worthless if it not enforceable. Too often we are seeing that one clause results […]

Australian Border Force 2018 Customs Compliance Priorities
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Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Australian Border Force (ABF) has released a statement setting out its compliance priorities for 2018. While each importer and exporter will have its own unique risk areas, the statement by the ABF highlights the areas that should be given closest attention. In relation to revenue related claims, the following are the areas that will be given […]