Zhi Xin Tan
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Zhi Xin represents and advises clients facing a diverse range of legal problems. While her main area of practice is Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution, her areas of work include the following: General Debt Recovery, Landlord & Tenancy Issues, Construction Disputes, Employment Law, Wills, Trusts, & Probate, Appointment of Deputy under the Mental Capacity Act, Family Law, and Advisory and Drafting Work relating to Commercial Agreements. Zhi Xin is also an Associate Mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre and is also one of the resident lawyers at the Jurong Spring Community Centre Legal Clinic.

How to resolve disputes with your condominium management or MCST
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Reading Time: 11 minutesMore Singapore households living in condominiums now More households in Singapore now live in condominiums as reported by the General Household Survey by the Department of Statistics in: as of 2016, 13.9% of households live in condominiums and apartments, an increase from the 11.5% figure in 2010. Though the purchase or rental of an apartment in […]

The Employment Act in Singapore Simplified – What You Need to Know as an Employer

Reading Time: 10 minutesWhat is the Employment Act?  The Employment Act (Cap 91, Rev Ed. 2016) (“the Employment Act”) authoritatively prescribes the minimum standard of employment terms for applicable employees in Singapore. In order to avoid prosecution, employers must know whether the Employment Act applies to their employees, and if applicable, how the Employment Act applies exactly. While […]