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Chee Seng was Content Strategist at Asia Law Network. Formerly a senior reporter for foreign news at TODAY, he joined Asia Law Network to write practical and easy to understand articles on the law with lawyers. In his spare time, he also co-hosts and produces a live contemporary storytelling group called Story Slam Singapore.

Private Gambling in Singapore: Is It Legal?
Criminal and Litigation,Gambling,Personal

Reading Time: 6 minutesThis article was written in 2017. Gambling law in Singapore may have changed. For more information, read “S’pore to introduce new gambling laws that cover arcade games & claw machines“. The Story In 60 Seconds There are a total of five laws that cover all aspects of gambling: The Common Gaming Houses Act – This […]

7 Must-knows for Every Freelancer

Reading Time: 8 minutesIncreasing numbers of freelancers or self-employed people in Singapore A recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) this year reported that the increase in the number of freelance workers could be attributed to the emergence of the sharing-economy platforms or gig economy platforms. Grab, Uber, Deliveroo are examples of such modern economy platforms. […]

Women’s Charter: A Practical Guide Part 1
Divorce and Child Custody,Personal

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe Story In 60 Seconds This article is the first of a series to examine the Women’s Charter. The Women’s Charter was passed in 1961 to advocate girls’ and women’s rights in Singapore and promote equality in marriage. It codified monogamy as law, established rights and duties between husband and wife in a marriage, and set out penal provisions against […]

Renovation Disputes: A Guide to Avoiding & Resolving Them (with
Properties and Real Estate

Reading Time: 9 minutesFor the month of October 2017, Asia Law Network is collaborating with to bring great property-related legal content to readers of their blog written by Asia Law Network Premium Lawyers. In the first article of the series, Kelvin from Vicki Heng talks about renovation disputes and share tips on how to avoid and deal with […]

The Protection Order: A Defence Against Harassment

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Story In 60 Seconds  The Protection from Harassment Act (2014), or POHA, makes provisions to protect victims from being subjected to further harassment, threats, insults, or abuse by perpetrators. The primary method to protect such victims of harassment is through the deployment of the Protection Order (PO). The Protection Order (PO) is able to prohibit […]

The Hague Convention (Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction)
Divorce and Child Custody,Personal

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Hague Convention prevents a spouse from running away to another country with your children Imagine, for a moment, that after having gone through a divorce with your expatriate or Singaporean spouse, you now have custody, as well as care and control of your young child. But one day at work, you receive word that […]

Proving Adultery in Divorce Under Singapore Law
Divorce and Child Custody,Personal

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe Story In 60 Seconds Adultery is defined as the voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone who is not his/her spouse. Irretrievable breakdown of marriage is the sole ground for divorce in Singapore You can file for divorce on the ground of irretrievable breakdown of marriage (on account of adultery) if your […]

Security Deposits: A Guide For Tenants & Landlords
Personal,Properties and Real Estate,Tenants and Landlords

Reading Time: 6 minutesWhat is a security deposit? Landlords in Singapore usually require tenants to provide a sum of money at the start of a lease as a security to ensure that the tenant performs the lease and returns the property in an acceptable manner. In the event of the tenant’s default, the landlord may use the security […]

Muslim Divorce in Singapore
Divorce and Child Custody,Personal

Reading Time: 8 minutesCivil divorce cases for Non-Muslims are usually heard in the Family Justice Court under the Women’s Charter, but when the case involves Muslims, or where the persons were married under Muslim law, only the Syariah Court of Singapore has the authority to hear and make decisions on Muslim divorce cases under the Administration of Muslim […]