Gulab Sobhraj
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With more than 20 years behind him, Gulab’s specialty is exclusively matrimonial and family law. He prefers to deal with divorces in a holistic manner, working out issues through dialogue in a mediation setting, as his first option before considering other options, believing that this is the way to help parties move forward quickly, minimising the emotional trauma. He was named as a leading lawyer in Doyles Guide for Family & Divorce Lawyers 2015.

Unreasonable Behaviour in Divorce Under Singapore Law
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Reading Time: 9 minutesUnreasonable Behaviour, it seems, is the basis frequently cited by women when applying for a divorce According to the Department of Statistics Singapore, out of the 3,437 divorce proceedings filed under the Women’s Charter in 2016 where the plaintiff was a woman, 58.6 per cent of the filings cited “unreasonable behaviour” as the key reason […]