Kennedy Chen
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Kennedy is a lawyer who has sufficient experience to advise on all legal matters, and who seeks to add value to all who approach him. He understands that more than 70% of any business' or individual's legal requirements emanate from day-to-day legal commercial and regulatory compliance matters of a routine nature. Yet, it is the same routine matters that have to be urgently addressed in order for any business engine to remain relevant and competitive, and to surge towards creating and maximising value. At Eversheds, he advises on all legal matters, and concurrently specialises in M&A, capital markets, and related commercial issues across many industries. He also acts as adviser to his clients, whether individuals or corporates, to facilitate the culmination of appropriate solutions for both corporate and litigious matters alike.

Governing Law & Contracts: Why You Should Never Forget It!
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Reading Time: 4 minutesContractual disputes can flare up at any time Contracts are everywhere in our lives – from employment contracts to taking out a bank loan – we consent to the terms and conditions of the agreements we sign, and we are bound to honour each agreement to the best of our abilities. But occasionally, there will […]

Void or Voidable Contracts: What’s The Difference?
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Reading Time: 7 minutesIn some circumstances, a contract can be nullified. In general, for a contract to be considered legally binding, it should fulfil four key characteristics: A clear agreement between all the relevant parties on what is offered, and a clear acceptance of the offer; Consideration – i.e. something of value that is given in exchange for […]