Power of Attorney – What Is It and When Do You Need It?

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Public housing in Singapore with greenery (power of attorney)
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Hi Keng Yu - Ting

Mrs. Yu has more than 20 years experience in handling all aspects of property legal work, such as guiding buyers and sellers to the timely completion of their transactions and arranging smooth paperwork for financing and re-financing loans and related matters. She also has wide experience in family law work, including : * drafting of Wills and related probate and succession laws matters * preparing and attesting to signing of Lasting Power of Attorney ("LPA") * Court applications for representation of mental incapacitated persons * Commissioning and Notary Public certification. Mrs Yu is the Managing Director and a lawyer bilingual in English and Mandarin with 30 years of legal experience, particularly in the field of Conveyancing and Family & Probate Law. In the course of her legal career, she has gained extensive experience in the area of Family Law, with an approach to handle cases effectively and efficiently in a cost effective manner.

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