Amos Cai
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Amos graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree in 2011 and was called to the Singapore Bar in 2012. He completed his training and practised with several other medium sized firms before joining Yuen Law LLC as a senior associate in 2018. Amos’s main areas of practice are civil /commercial litigation and criminal litigation. Amos has also acted for and advised clients in many other areas of law including probate, bankruptcy, and construction arbitrations/adjudication applications. Some of the notable cases that Amos has handled include:- -Assisted in a SIAC Arbitration involving a construction dispute worth in excess of S$12 million. -Assisted in a High Court Suit where client was faced with a million-dollar civil claim, and defended client substantially, including succeeding on a point of law involving amendment of pleadings after trial. -Obtained summary judgment for S$1.2 million in a civil claim, and assisted in defending the appeal to the summary judgment. -Assisted in a dispute where we successfully obtained leave to initiate a Shareholders Derivative Action on behalf of the Company. -Assisted in a Court of Appeal case regarding a striking out of third party proceedings. -Assisted in a Court of Appeal case regarding a shareholders’ dispute. -Assisted in a High Court suit regarding breach of employees’ duties. -Defended an accused in a pro bono drug trafficking trial over 3 days. Amos is also a volunteer lawyer with the Singapore Law Society’s -Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS), a non-profit initiative by the Law Society of Singapore to provide assistance to the underprivileged in criminal cases, as well as a Singapore NGO that works with migrant workers. Outside of legal practice, Amos is actively involved in sports such as football and tennis and participates in such activities on a regular basis. Amos represents the Law Society football team in the annual Bench and Bar competition. Amos also plays board games regularly.

How do you prove you have no criminal record in Singapore?
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Reading Time: 4 minutesSo, you are migrating, adopting a child or getting employed/educated in a different country. You have been requested to produce evidence of a clean criminal record in Singapore. How best would one go about proving a clean criminal record? In such circumstances, it would be best to obtain a document known as a “Certificate of […]

Identity theft: What can you do? What does it mean to have your identity taken?
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Reading Time: 5 minutesA recent survey by cyber security company McAfee found that only one in three Singaporeans ranked protecting their identity as their top cyber security priority. In today’s age of technology, people have become all the more vulnerable to cybercrimes, with identity theft being especially prevalent. Anyone can be a victim of identity theft, yet so […]

I’m a foreign worker in Singapore. Where can I seek help?
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Reading Time: 6 minutesLegal help for foreigners in Singapore: The Story In 60 Seconds While foreigners may not qualify for legal aid in Singapore, there are still a few avenues for legal assistance. One key element in this support is a free legal clinic, where you may have a brief consultation with a lawyer for little or no […]

Do you know what is a Writ of Summons?
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Reading Time: 4 minutesWhat is a Writ of Summons (WOS)? A writ is “an order issued by a legal authority with administrative or juridicial powers, typically a court.”[1] Essentially, it refers to a document that has legal force and legal consequences, if not complied with. A “writ of summons” is a type of writ and is issued to […]