Anil Lalwani
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Anil Lalwani has advised and drafted a variety of commercial agreements from employment agreements, employment handbooks, IT contracts, service agreements, intercompany agreements, distribution and licence agreements including franchise and licensing arrangements. His work and advice has also been extended to key shareholders and directors on investment and shareholder agreements and on strategic and business risk. His work has also taken him to different countries in Southeast Asia where he has stepped in to strategise on litigation issues, negotiate disputes, mediate and coordinate with third party counsels from other jurisdictions to resolve clients’ commercial and business needs.

7 Costly Legal Mistakes Startups Make When Issuing Equity
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Reading Time: 10 minutesWhile sitting in your co-sharing office space, anxiously waiting to make your next presentation on your App, you ponder nervously if your investors would be interested in your App. You have worked with your team for many months and this next presentation is one of many you have made to scrutinizing investors. You continue to […]

The Case of “I did not know that I needed a Personal Data Protection Policy in My Organisation”
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Reading Time: 5 minutesThe “I did not know!” Defence and “Do I really need not have A Personal Data Protection Policy in My Organisation, I didn’t think I needed it”? That is exactly what the management of “Bud Cosmetics Pte Ltd” (“Bud Cosmetics”) told the Commissioner of the Personal Data Protection Commission in Re Bud Cosmetics Pte Ltd [2019] […]

Neighbour Disputes: What Can You Do? (with
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Reading Time: 8 minutesAsia Law Network is collaborating with to bring great property-related legal content to readers of both blogs. In this article, Lawyer Anil Lalwani talks about neighbour disputes. Disputes between neighbours can a big problem With 80% of Singapore’s population living in high-rise buildings, disputes are likely to flare up between neighbours. The number of disputes between […]

Dealing with bankruptcy woes

Reading Time: 4 minutesJust being handed a bankruptcy order and feeling helpless? Or stuck in bankruptcy for a while now and trying to get out? Don’t panic yet! With the amendments to the Bankruptcy Law previously on 1 August 2016 , have you had time to relook at whether you can escape your current bankrupt state since then? […]