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Benita was an associate at Taylor Vinters Via LLC. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a place on the Dean's List in 2016. Her core practice is in intellectual property law and brands protection, which developed from a background and strong interest in visual art. She would be happy to advise on anything from trademark registration to potential disputes and infringement. Benita also has experience in criminal law and family law matters.

Synergy between Blockchain Technology and Data Portability
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Reading Time: 7 minutesSingapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) is currently under review. In 2017, the Personal Data Protection Commission (“PDPC”) launched a public consultation on proposed amendments relating to the general concepts of collection, use and disclosure on personal data, and notifications of data breaches. Separately, the PDPC and Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”) jointly […]

An Intellectual Property Law perspective on Open Source Software Licences
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Reading Time: 4 minutesIntroduction Open source software generally describes software with publicly available source codes, which third parties can access, modify and re-distribute. In comparison, the source codes of closed source software are not disclosed to the public or disclosed only in limited circumstances, and on strict obligations of confidentiality. By being freely available and constantly tested by […]

Tax Deductions for Costs relating to Intellectual Property
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Reading Time: 4 minutesTax deductions are available for costs incurred in the registration, acquisition and licensing of intellectual property. In an effort to support innovation and the secure commercialisation of intellectual property, the Singapore Budget 2018 (“2018 Budget”) has extended and enhanced certain aspects of the existing tax benefits for YA 2019 to 2025. Income Tax Act Registration […]

How copyright applies to AI-generated works
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Reading Time: 7 minutesThis article is written by Benita Lau from Taylor Vinters Via LLC and published with Tech in Asia and Asia Law Network. You can read the article on Tech in Asia here.  Introduction Historically, artificial intelligence was distinguished from the human by the capacity of the latter for imagination, creativity and sensitivity. However, as computer-generated literature and artwork continue […]

5 Common Misconceptions about Copyright in Singapore
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Reading Time: 5 minutesMisconception 1 – Ideas can be protected by copyright law A fundamental principle of copyright law is that ideas cannot be protected, but original expressions of an idea may be. For example, the idea of extraterrestrials visiting Earth has long fascinated many of us. This one idea has given birth to creative content featuring aliens […]

Protecting your Graphical User Interface (GUI)
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Reading Time: 8 minutesProtecting your Graphical User Interface (GUI) – what are your options? Whether in relation to gaming, communication, payment, or even an amalgamation of multiple functions, technology companies are leveraging on the use of mobile applications (“apps”) to reach a massive audience of smartphone users. A critical factor determining public reception to an app is its […]