Dharmendra Yadav
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Dharmendra Yadav is Special Counsel with Singapore law firm Lex Advocatus. A former corporate counsel with over 15 years of regional legal work experience in the banking and finance sector, he champions cross-jurisdictional corporate/commercial practice of law, innovation by solo counsel / small legal teams, and workplace diversity & inclusion. He is a Founding Ambassador of ASEAN LegalTech and a Consultant with legal innovation company, Alpha Creates. Given his SoSmall practice interests, look him up @SoSmallLawyer on Twitter, Instagram and Medium. His views here are personal.

SoSmall Series: Beware of Contracts Bought Online

Reading Time: 3 minutesSoSmall Series: This series focuses to cover various technology topics for championing solo, small businesses and professionals in the legal industry. I am meeting more and more technology companies which have one objective: replace the lawyer! I am generally wary of technology companies that tell me their end goal is to replace a lawyer. Unlike […]