Dhiraj Chainani
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Dhiraj is a fourth-year undergraduate at the Singapore Management University's School of Law, with interests in criminal law and public international law. In his first year at SMU Law, Dhiraj was awarded the Dentons Rodyk Prize for the Top Student in Legal Research and Writing. He has also been placed on the Dean's List for two consecutive years. In line with his interest in legal research and writing, Dhiraj is currently one of the Editors-in-Chief of Lexicon, SMU Law’s student publication. Beyond academics, Dhiraj has a passion for leading, as well as serving his community. Upon graduation and completion of his National Service, he will be joining the Attorney-General’s Chambers as a Deputy Public Prosecutor.

SMU Lexicon: Reservations about the Value of Reserved Elections
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Reading Time: 19 minutesIntroduction At a press conference on 9 August 1965, moments after Singapore gained independence, then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew proclaimed, “This is not a Malay nation; this is not a Chinese nation; this is not an Indian nation. Everybody will have his place.”[1] This statement set the stage for Singapore’s development as a multiracial […]