Foo Cechao
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Cechao is an upcoming 2nd year JD student at SMU. He hopes to make a difference in people's lives through his legal knowledge.

SMU Lexicon: Case Commentary of Ochroid Trading v Chua Siok Lui
Business,Legal Contracts

Reading Time: 14 minutesIntroduction Where a contract is illegal, the contract is void and the courts will not enforce the contract.[1] Despite the simplicity of the foregoing logic, the concept of illegality in contract law – often used as a defence mechanism in lawsuits – has long vexed students and practitioners alike. As Lady Justice Gloster in Patel v […]

How can I claim compensation for workplace injuries in Singapore?
Business,Personal,Personal Injury,Regional Law

Reading Time: 9 minutesGetting injured at work can be a nightmare. Not only are you anxious about recovering from your injury suffered, you may be worried about dealing with complicated claims against your employer. Thankfully, in Singapore, the process of claiming is simplified for workers covered by the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA).   What is WICA? According […]