Lim Fung Peen
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Fung Peen is a veteran of the legal industry and has been in practice since 1996 during which he specialised in Private Client matters. These include matters and proceedings relating to adoption, bankruptcy, conveyancing, divorce, Mental Capacity Act, personal protection orders, personal injury, power of attorney, as well as wills and probate/administration applications. Fung Peen has accumulated substantial experience in conveyancing and conveyancing related matters such as tenancies and leases, actions for distress, recovery of rental in arrears and applications in the High Court for forced sales. Fung Peen is also known for pioneering the successful defence of clients charged with fraudulent trading at the Court of Appeal and his work in corporate and commercial matters to debt recovery, disputes, building and construction matters, winding up, personal injuries claims, landlord and tenancy matters, employment disputes. His clients include Government Statutory Boards and well known MNCs and SMEs. Fung Peen has guided his clients who have had brushes with the law in criminal matters to achieve a fair outcome. The mediation process is something Fung Peen has been actively involved in since its inception in the Singapore Courts and he has successfully guided many clients to reach an amicable resolution to their law suit be it a commercial matter or a divorce. Sharing up to-date and tailored knowledge to benefit his clients is something he also enjoys, whether it is a talk in a small group or a seminar with a larger group.

The Hague Convention (Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction)
Divorce and Child Custody,Personal

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Hague Convention prevents a spouse from running away to another country with your children Imagine, for a moment, that after having gone through a divorce with your expatriate or Singaporean spouse, you now have custody, as well as care and control of your young child. But one day at work, you receive word that […]

Wills: What is the role of an executor and administrator in your will?
Wills, Probates and Trusts

Reading Time: 6 minutesIn his previous article on Wills and Probates, Lim Fung Peen from Yuen Law LLC talked about how to start transferring and distributing the assets of your deceased loved ones. This article reviews and demystifies the role of an executor or administrator in the distribution of a deceased individual’s assets. The role of an executor/administrator […]