Hern Kuan Liu
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Hern Kuan has wide experience in Revenue Law, having lectured in it at the Law Faculty in NUS, practiced as a tax manager in Big-4 accounting firms and as head of tax in a major law firm. He was also the Chief Legal Officer of Singapore’s national tax authority, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, for some 10 years. Hern Kuan’s practice includes transactional tax advice spanning Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax, Property Tax, Stamp Duty and International Taxation; and includes tax disputes with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). He has successfully represented the Comptroller of Income Tax, the Commissioner of Stamp Duties and the Chief Assessor and Comptroller of Property Tax in several leading court cases. He advises clients on tax planning and structuring, both domestic and international tax, and both civil and criminal disputes with IRAS. He has presented many seminars on tax law and was an associate staff lecturer on tax planning and international tax at SIM university. In 2017, he successfully argued a case against the Singapore Comptroller of Income Tax, persuading the Income Tax Board of Review that gains made by his client from the purchase and sale of shares should not be subject to income tax.

Taxation in Singapore: Issues and concepts applicable to social enterprises/small businesses
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Reading Time: 4 minutesNobody likes taxes. Over 190,000 companies paid tax in Singapore in 2016, for gross tax receipts of S$1.36 billion. As a social enterprise or SME owner, dealing with taxes often causes headaches, especially when you need every cent to pay the bills or grow your business. Fortunately, the Singapore tax regime is one of the […]

Tan Peng Chin LLC’s Update on Business Arrangements and Tax Avoidance
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Reading Time: 4 minutesOften professional services are provided through companies. Typically, a company would employ an individual who would provide professional services to the company’s client/customers/patients. We understand that the Comptroller of Income Tax (“CIT”) has been scrutinising such business structure arrangements with a view to determining if such arrangements are tax avoidance arrangements. Where the CIT concludes […]