Ian Wong
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Ian previously graduated with a BBM (Magna Cum Laude) from SMU. He has interests in both finance and law, and regularly tracks the financial markets. His hobbies include watching musicals, skiing and playing video games. He likes to think that he has a great sense of humour.

SMU Lexicon: Trading on the Edge – Insider Trading Regulations in Singapore & in U.S.
Legal Everyday

Reading Time: 12 minutesIntroduction In the fast-paced world of trading, everything revolves around gaining an edge. The challenge lies in striving to use information faster than others.[1] If information fresh off the press is great, then a fortiori, information that has yet to hit the press is even better. This gives rise to the issue of insider trading, […]

SMU Lexicon: Is that indemnity form valid?
Legal Updates

Reading Time: 3 minutesDuring the school holidays, it is common for students to sign up for extra-curricular activities and it is equally common to be asked to sign an indemnity form. In a typical indemnity form, you agree to waive your right of legal action in the event of personal injury or death, arising from the negligence of […]