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When A Home Is Not A Home
Divorce and Child Custody,Legal Updates,Marriage,Personal

Reading Time: 9 minutesThe matrimonial home occupies a very special place in the family. During the marriage, it is the cradle of the family. It is where the family starts its day, and where it ends its day. It is where the family breaks bread, and it is where bonds are made. Accordingly, the matrimonial home also occupies […]

Wang Lee Hom’s divorce – 6 ways it differs from usual divorce proceedings and key takeaways.
Divorce and Child Custody,Legal Updates,Personal

Reading Time: 8 minutesOn 15 December 2021, celebrity Mandopop singer Wang Lee Hom announced on social media that he and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Lee Jinglei, were getting divorced. This began a war of words between Wang and Lee, and even between their respective friends and family, that lasted about a week before Wang apologised publicly to Lee and […]

The mathematics in dividing matrimonial assets: VJP v VJQ [2021] SGCA 82

Reading Time: 6 minutesIt is an oft-repeated refrain in decisions on the division of matrimonial assets that the Court takes a ‘broad-brush’ approach. What this means is that the Court does not strictly require mathematical precision – where evidence is lacking, or where evidence is equivocal, the Court can exercise its discretion and make findings notwithstanding gaps in […]

Prenuptial Agreements – the importance of being consistent.

Reading Time: 5 minutesPrenuptial agreements are increasingly becoming more prevalent and commonly accepted by parties looking to set out how they intend to agree on financial settlement terms in the event of a divorce. Approaching the topic of preparing and executing a Prenuptial Agreement is always a sensitive topic that should be broached frankly and as an honest […]