Jasmine Toh
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Before pursuing my interest in law, I spent about 7 years honing my corporate communications skills, working in both the public and private sectors, including an overseas stint. This means that I can offer you more than a legal opinion. After graduating from the Singapore Management University (with magna cum laude) and completing Part B of the Singapore Bar Examinations (ranked joint fourth of the cohort), I joined the litigation practice of one of the leading Singapore law firms. There, I was trained to be a disputes lawyer with a focus on arbitration and construction disputes. Now, I am a part of the dynamic and creative legal team at Taylor Vinters Via.

A Guide to protect your IP in Singapore (A Patent is not always the answer!)
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Reading Time: 8 minutesIntellectual property (IP) can be an extremely valuable asset to your business – in fact, for some, it is the main asset driving their businesses. This is because owners of IP can exercise their rights to exclude competitors from using their IP or to exploit their IP commercially. While many businesses might be familiar with […]