Joel Loh
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Joel loves tackling legal problems and coming up with innovative solutions. His main area of practice is Civil Litigation. Joel graduated from Singapore Management University. His most memorable case is one where he represented a young client pro-bono for breaching the terms of his probation by committing a similar offence and managed to successfully argue for a fresh probation term to be given.

Having your home en bloc in Singapore?
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Reading Time: 3 minutesNumerous successful en bloc sales (collective sales) have been boasted of on newspaper headlines recently.  The common en bloc involves all the units in a condominium (strata-titled development) being sold to a developer and the proceeds being divided amongst the unit owners.[1] During the collective sale, some condominium unit owners (subsidiary proprietors) have been awarded […]

Types of property and home ownership in Singapore
Personal,Properties and Real Estate

Reading Time: 6 minutesProperty in Singapore is seen as a reliable investment and asset for both locals and foreigners alike. Real estate in Singapore remains relatively affordable compared to other countries and currently, inheritance tax is not payable in Singapore.[1] This article hopes to shed some light on the types of housing available in Singapore as well as […]