Luke Connolly
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As a director/Principal at Connolly Workplace Law and with over 20 years experience at major law firms, I can provide all your workplace law needs. I am easy to work with and pride myself on forging strong relationships with my clients. I know my stuff and ultimately I am driven by finding the best commercial outcome in achieving my client's goals every time and without the crazy legal bill. I'm not a 'fence sitter' and will tell you the strategy or decision I think you should take based on my analysis, despite or in face of the risk. I pride myself and am known for my calculated decisiveness on matters (there is always risk, but is it an acceptable commercial risk in pursuing your business objectives - that's the ultimate question). I am a huge supporter of the 'new law' approach and applying fixed rates and other innovative alternatives to billing in providing my legal services. My area of law is perfectly suited to innovation in style and approach to legal services. For more information or assistance on any workplace law/employment law/OHS law matter please contact me and also see: for more information on me and my practice.

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