Marianne Chew
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Marianne is a lawyer in the criminal litigation team. Her areas of practice include criminal litigation, criminal advisory work and fraud investigations. Marianne’s practice spans a broad spectrum of white and blue collar offences, which include criminal breach of trust, corruption, insider trading, fraud, drug offences, murder and sexual offences. She has also advised on personal injury claims, matrimonial matters, wills, bankruptcy proceedings and contractual disputes.

Brothels in HDBs and Condominiums – You May Be Liable! (with
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Reading Time: 5 minutesAsia Law Network is collaborating with to bring great property-related legal content to readers of both blogs. In this article, Lawyer Marianne Chew talks about Brothels in HDBs and Condominiums. The Story In 60 Seconds Increase in reports of brothels being operated out of residential apartments Landlords, agents or tenants of these brothels are liable […]