Melvin Pang
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Melvin is a Director of Amica Law LLC and his legal practice primarily focuses on IP litigation and enforcement, managing the trade mark portfolios for both local and international clients as well as handling and advising on pharmaceutical regulatory compliance and the patent linkage process in Singapore. Melvin regularly advises and represents locally listed corporations as well as Fortune 500 companies, including Starbucks and Amazon in the end-to-end protection of their brand and trade mark portfolios beginning with managing the search and registration of their trade marks to appearing at infringement, opposition or invalidation actions at both the Registry and Court-levels to devising and executing anti-counterfeiting and enforcement strategies.

Copyright in Singapore broken down and explained
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Reading Time: 7 minutesCopyright refers to the bundle of rights that is granted by the Copyright Act[1] in respect of original works and other subject-matter for limited periods of time and subject to certain permitted exceptions.[2] So what does copyright protect, and do you need a lawyer to register your Copyright? Copyright can be used to protect works […]