Nigel Sim
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A people-oriented person, Nigel’s passion in the law stems from his desire to help people who need an advocate to fight tooth and nail for them. Having trained in different areas of the law, coupled with a keen understanding of his client’s perspective, Nigel’s clients can be assured that they will receive results that are in line with their needs.

What is doxxing? Are you guilty?

Reading Time: 9 minutesPublishing someone’s personal information online could now result in jail time. Upset about a taxi ride or saw a situation that you feel warrant a social media post? You would need to think twice now before posting any rants online. Such revelation of crucial personal information online is known as ‘doxxing’. Doxxing has been defined […]

Is Homelessness a Problem in Singapore?

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe answer to that question is, in short, yes. According to a survey done by volunteers of a welfare organisation ‘Montfort Care’ and volunteer group ‘SW101’ in late 2017, there are 180 homeless people sleeping outdoors across 25 locations in Singapore.The same survey also debunked certain generalisations and stereotypes of homeless people in Singapore as […]