Pesdy Tay
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Pesdy is a rising 4th year LL.B. at SMU School of Law. Pesdy has a keen interest in tort, medical law and international law. During his time in law school, he participated actively in mooting competitions to further his interests and hone his advocacy skills. At the same time, Pesdy is a staff writer at Lexicon SMU and has written for the Supreme Court as part of the Supreme Court initiative involving students from SMU School of Law.

SMU Lexicon: Assistance in Public Lotteries: The Approach in Bijabahadur
Criminal and Litigation,Legal Updates

Reading Time: 11 minutesIntroduction In the 19th century, illegal gaming activities managed by syndicates were part of the general crime that was rampant in Singapore (then known as the Straits Settlement). This was a serious problem as the early inhabitants of Singapore became addicted to gambling, leading to undesirable outcomes.[1] Gambling activities came to be regarded as vices […]