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Changes to Singapore’s Copyright Act and what it means for ownership.
Business,Intellectual Property

Reading Time: 4 minutesIf you are a content creator based in Singapore, you may be interested to know about the amendments to the Copyright Act (CA). Effective from 21 November 2021, the new CA has caused a considerable change in the default ownership of copyright. This greatly affects content creators as they now have more ownership over their […]

Offence for anyone in Singapore to travel to Ukraine to take up arms; Legal ways to help
Legal Everyday,Personal

Reading Time: 5 minutesIt is an offence for any person in Singapore to travel or try to travel to Ukraine to take up arms in the conflict there, said the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Thursday (March 10). The ministry said it is aware that the Embassy of Ukraine here has received calls from people expressing an […]

Jonathan Foong, Managing Director of That.Legal LLC, on the past, present and future of That.Legal.
Know Your Lawyer (KYL),Lawyer Features

Reading Time: 5 minutesMr Jonathan Foong is the Managing Director of That.Legal LLC, a boutique law firm specialising in Intellectual Property (“IP”). He mainly handles non-contentious matters, which comprise two main areas. First, he looks after the IP portfolios of numerous clients (both local and foreign) – some of whom have trade marks, registered designs and/or patents in […]

4 Common Types of Scams to Avoid
Consumer Law,Legal Everyday,Personal

Reading Time: 5 minutesNearly 470 OCBC Bank customers lost at least $8.5 million to a spate of SMS phishing scams last month. Other banks such as DBS and UOB recently warned of similar scams impersonating bank employees. Oftentimes, scammers are difficult to catch because many use cunning methods. They can immediately dispose of the fake websites, IP addresses, […]