Prakash Raja Segaran
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Prakash Raja Segaran has extensive experience in the areas of acquisition finance, vessel finance, Islamic finance and trade finance. He regularly advises both banks and borrowers on debt financing matters. In particular, he regularly acts for banks and borrowers on local and foreign property development finance matters (such as financing of en-bloc property acquisitions and financing the development of residential, industrial and commercial properties) and Islamic property finance (murabaha) matters and asset finance matters (particularly vessel financings). Many of his deals involve cross-border arrangements, with a particular focus on borrowers or assets based in Indonesia, the PRC, India and Korea. He also has experience advising on ISDA Agreements and derivatives regulation in Singapore.

Banks need to adhere to Etridge Duties when dealing with vulnerable guarantors
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Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Article in 60 Seconds Vulnerable guarantors include spouses or family members who could be emotionally influenced by a creditor Banks need to adhere to the Etridge Duties or risk voiding the guarantee (see Sudha Natrajan v The Bank of East Asia Ltd [2016] SGCA 66) A checklist of 5 important steps in discharging Etridge […]

Shareholder Activism and How It May Affect Your Loans – A Practical Guide for Lenders
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Reading Time: 6 minutesThis article is intended to guide lenders on the key issues to consider when dealing with a corporate with multiple shareholders. The relevance of shareholders when dealing with a company Company law dictates that there be a separation of ownership and control and distribution of powers within a company. Simply put, the shareholders are the […]