Saravanan Rathakrishnan
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Saravanan Rathakrishnan graduated from Singapore Management University with LLB and BBM (Double Degree) in 2018. At SMU, Saravanan was actively involved in the startup scene, advising a number of startups on contracts, regulatory obligations, and corporate structure. Saravanan was also the President of SMU Corporate and Commercial Law Club, which sought to root the law student body in strong corporate and business foundations. Saravanan maintains a keen interest in finance, economics, and law. He has published a number of legal, economic, and finance works in a number of journals.

A Guide To Family Offices In Singapore

Reading Time: 6 minutesIn recent years, there has been a significant uptick in the number of Family Offices set up in Singapore, with experts estimating that this number has multiplied by more than four times in the past few years. In this article, Saravanan Rathakrishnan from RHTLaw Asia shares about what Family Offices are and the legal frameworks […]

When is a civilian allowed to arrest a criminal in Singapore?
Criminal and Litigation,Personal

Reading Time: 6 minutesTo what extent can civilians be involved in prosecuting a perpetrator? In what ways can civilians as individuals bring justice and be involved within the criminal process? Such questions are posed by ordinary people like us, who doubt whether we have a moral responsibility to bring criminals in light of the law. We as civilians […]

What constitutes money laundering?
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Reading Time: 9 minutesMoney makes the world go around. This phrase very aptly describes the reason behind the innumerable safeguards against money laundering. Money laundering can be defined as the process of converting money obtained from criminal activities into money that appears to have been obtained from legitimate means. The issue of money laundering has been in the […]