batch-books-document-guide to trade marks
Guide to trade marks and trade mark registration (Part 1 of 2)

Reading Time: 5 minutesIn a two-part series, lawyer Jeremiah Chew shares more about trade marks and trade mark registration in Singapore. In the first part of this series, Jeremiah answers some common questions regarding trade marks. Interested to find out what a trade mark is and what you can do with a registered trade mark? Read on to […]

cash-coins-money-Guide to ICOs
A Guide to Initial Coin Offerings (Part 1 of 3)

Reading Time: 9 minutesThis is a three part series on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). In this series, lawyer Wanhsi Yeong will cover: An introduction to Initial Coin Offerings Overview of the current regulation of Initial Coin Offerings in various jurisdictions Framework of Initial Coin Offerings In the first part of this series, WanHsi explains the characteristics, types, risks, […]

Trademark Guide to Trademarks in Singapore
How Long Does an Australian Trademark Last?

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe ideal option for protecting your brand is to register a trademark. Trademark registration goes a long way in protecting your brand name or other distinctive sign (such as a logo, business name, distinct packaging get up) in respect of your goods or services from potential infringers, as well providing you legal protection.  If you’re […]

adult-art-artist-copyright act-how to protect your work
Copyright Act: How To Protect Your Work

Reading Time: 5 minutesCreative influences are inherent in all works, and that’s a good thing! It’s a commonly accepted fact that many great creative works borrow references, influences, themes and visual aesthetics among others from each other. Think of the gritty rain-drenched streets of the future in ‘Blade Runner‘, and the influence its aesthetics had not only on contemporary […]

Man holding pen with a notebook Employment Share Option Schemes_ How do they work_
Employee Share Option Schemes: How do they work?

Reading Time: 4 minutesAn employee share option scheme (ESOS) is a means of offering key employees or consultants the opportunity to acquire shares in the company. Advantages of an Employee Share Option Scheme For startups, it allows the company a means of compensating its employees, aligning the employee’s incentives with those of the company, and allowing them to […]

Suitcase with US Dollar (Multi-Jurisdictional Jeopardy & Resolution and Deferred Prosecution Agreements Asia Law Network)
Multi-Jurisdictional Jeopardy & Resolution and Deferred Prosecution Agreements

Reading Time: 3 minutesLawyer Edmund Lam previously wrote a three-part series on white-collar crime with illustration of actual cases that happened in Singapore. You can read the articles here (to hyperlink). In this article, he shares more about multi-jurisdictional jeopardy & resolution and  deferred prosecution agreements. Multi-Jurisdictional Jeopardy & Resolution In recent times, authorities are stepping up on multi-jurisdictional […]

A calculator and pen on a piece of grid-lined paper (Tax Deductions for Costs relating to Intellectual Property_Asia_Law_Network)
Tax Deductions for Costs relating to Intellectual Property

Reading Time: 4 minutesTax deductions are available for costs incurred in the registration, acquisition and licensing of intellectual property. In an effort to support innovation and the secure commercialisation of intellectual property, the Singapore Budget 2018 (“2018 Budget”) has extended and enhanced certain aspects of the existing tax benefits for YA 2019 to 2025. Income Tax Act Registration […]

Business people shaking hands together (Due Diligence Checklist For Buying A Business_Asia_Law_Network)
Due Diligence Checklist For Buying A Business

Reading Time: 4 minutesStarting from scratch is not the only way to go. Most often, buying an existing company is less risky than setting up your own startup. Buyers can rely on the brand’s goodwill, steady customer base, key managers who are familiar with the business inside out. Buying the right business can make or break you. Buyers […]

2 man and a woman having a meeting (Common Pitfalls & How To Avoid Them In A Series Fundraising Round_Asia_Law_Network)
Common Pitfalls & How To Avoid Them In A Series Fundraising Round

Reading Time: 4 minutesCommon Pitfalls and Considerations in Fundraising It is important for a company to raise and maintain sufficient funds to meet day-to-day operational costs, as well as to plan for future growth and development. Funds can be acquired externally, from investors who show an interest in the company and wish to commit to an equity or […]

Law Firm leadership is key to the future_Asia_Law_Network
Law firm leadership is key to the future – Part 2 of 3

Reading Time: 5 minutesIn this series of articles by Yarman J. Vachha, Managing Director of YJV Consulting, he highlights the legal scene in Asia, the changes to the legal industry and the different resources available to law firms for expansion. In our first article, he shared his thoughts about managing and growing a law firm and in the second article, he discussed the […]

a man with a tablet looking at graphs and charts (What Is Series Funding & Why You Need To Know Your ABCs_Asia_Law_Network)
What Is Series Funding & Why You Need To Know Your ABCs

Reading Time: 4 minutesEnsuring that a company has adequate funds is an important and continuous process, and it is unlikely that one round of fundraising will be sufficient to grow and expand a business sufficiently. As such, many companies will need to carry out multiple rounds of fundraising and each round of investments will be different. Types of […]