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3 things to know before you accept the terms and conditions of Pokemon Go

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Ern Xu Seah

Ern Xu is a content strategist at Asia Law Network. He is a firm believer of making legal knowledge accessible for all.

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  1. NA says:

    Wouldn’t para 1(p) of Schedule 4 to the Personal Data Protection Act already permit the disclosure of personal data without consent, for the purposes described in your point 2?

    1. Ern Xu Seah says:

      Hi, thanks for pointing out that per para 1(p) of Schedule 4 of the PDPA, companies are allowed to disclose data without consent under certain exceptions. However, the point of this article was to inform the public about their rights, especially with regards to the Privacy Policy. Under the Terms of Service of Pokemon Go, users are entitled to refuse the disclosure of data in the event that Niantic undergoes a merger or any other form of business transaction. We hope that the article raised public awareness about this point

  2. NA says:

    Thanks – indeed a laudable goal.

    Another interesting issue may be how any conflicts of laws or jurisdictional issues are to be resolved, if the terms are subject to US law – but probably would take another entire article to cover this!

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