Patent 101: Things you need to know before patenting

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Wai Yeng Chan

Wai Yeng is an IP specialist with over nine years of experience working with clients ranging from startups to multi-national corporations and more recently on IP enabling projects funded by the EU. She works closely with clients to develop personalised brand protection and enforcement strategy within Singapore and the ASEAN region. In addition to brand protection, as a qualified patent attorney she work with companies to secure protection of their inventions through patent registration throughout ASEAN.

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  1. Amanda Drew says:

    That’s nice that a patent agent will be able to give an art search report in 1-2 weeks. That’s pretty fast. I’ve always wondered how people make sure that they get patents for their inventions. It sounds like finding a patent agent would really be helpful.

  2. Kairi Gainsborough says:

    Thanks for the simple, clear definition of what a patent does and how it can help you. I like how you explained that patents actually help encourage innovation. I bet there are a lot of patents on chemical combinations, and that probably helps people to find more and more solutions to problems. Then, they can even file their own patents.

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