When Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer?

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Lau Kah Hee

Kah Hee is actively involved in commercial litigation, arbitration, as well as immigration law, employment law, corporate compliance and governance. He also has experience advising and acting for various parties in contractual, commercial, corporate, banking, property, employment and financial, investment related disputes. In the areas of corporate compliance, Kah Hee's practice includes bank fraud investigation, defence against government/regulatory investigations and white collar criminal matters. Kah Hee has experience in contentious tax matters, and given his dual qualification as both an Attorney as well as a Chartered Certified Accountant, he has developed a deep interest in tax litigation and advisory work, and has published in the area of tax avoidance.

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  1. Cameron Bennett says:

    I like that you mention that legal fees from lawyers vary, so it’s best to consider your budget. When it comes to being in legal trouble, it’s probably worth it to spend more on a good defense attorney. You need to ensure that you’ll be taken care of and that they’ll help you through the process effectively.

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