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Gall is a leading independent Hong Kong law firm focusing primarily on dispute resolution. We specialise in handling highly complex disputes, many of which involve multi-jurisdictional litigation. Our partners all come from international firms and have practiced in Hong Kong or overseas for many years. They have a wealth of experience in a wide variety of litigation, mediation and arbitration. We use a partner led, team-based approach to complex litigation, drawing upon the legal and linguistic skills of solicitors with different areas of expertise. We ensure that we maintain an “around-the-clock” service to our clients.

我能否带孩子离开香港?– 解读香港法庭审理的搬迁案例
Divorce and Child Custody,Hong Kong,Personal,Regional Law

Reading Time: 1 minutes香港是国际金融中心,因为工作搬迁到此的情况也是十分常见。父母离异时,其中一方到底能不能带孩子回到本国的家?



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Reading Time: 1 minutes降级通常涉及职位降低,或者工作职责和/或薪水的减少。员工出现业绩不良、能力有限等情况但又无需辞退时,雇主都可能会考虑对其进行降级处理。


The Hong Kong Court’s Approach to Child Custody Relocation Cases
Divorce and Child Custody,Hong Kong,Personal,Regional Law

Reading Time: 7 minutesAs an international finance centre, families from all over the world relocate to Hong Kong for work purposes. In the event that the relationship between the parents break down, can one of them simply return home with his or her children? Parental removal of a child from one country to another may amount to child […]

The law on demotions in Hong Kong
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Reading Time: 3 minutesA demotion normally involves a reduction in rank or status, or a decrease in job responsibilities and/or salary. An employer may wish to demote an employee for a variety of reasons including poor performance, capability and/or as an alternative to termination. Regardless of the reason for the demotion, an employer should be careful when demoting […]