Johanna Tay
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Johanna is currently a Senior Realty Advisor for KF Property Network Pte Ltd (Knight Frank), founder of Genghis Can, a media communications company and contributes to Asia Law Network.

What the Ashley Madison saga means for companies in Singapore
Legal Everyday

Reading Time: 5 minutesMore than cheating husbands and ghost wives, the Ashley Madison debacle will be closely watched for how the legal system tangles with multiangular rage on whether Ashley Madison had taken sufficient measures to protect John Doe’s data, whether he can have legal recourse for his grievances only in Cyprus, and why people can still find […]

What Makes a Valid Contract?
Business,Business Advice

Reading Time: 6 minutesThe Important of the Contract The proper performance of contracts is key to the economic functioning of our society. All contracts have to come to a close or, in legal terms, be “discharged.” If one or both of the parties to a contract fail to live up to their end of the bargain, the courts […]

Curveball Series: Recovering assets in a corporate insolvency as a creditor
Business,Business Advice

Reading Time: 7 minutesIf you are in the unenviable position of having to recover assets from a company that is insolvent as a creditor, here are a few useful steps to know about as you go about it. Information on the status of the liquidation Where the Official Receiver has been appointed as liquidator, the Official Receiver will […]

Curveball Series: Should I Sue? (6 general considerations)
Criminal and Litigation,Personal

Reading Time: 3 minutesMany people are sometimes in situations so frustrating that we feel compelled to sue someone else for putting them through a maelstrom of anger, fear, frustration and shock. This could range from slander to unfair and unethical business practices. However, once you get down to it, you really need to ask yourself 6 questions to […]

Conveyancing Gone Wrong – How Scammers Operate (Top 3 Signs to Look Out For)
Personal,Properties and Real Estate

Reading Time: 7 minutesLimited recourse if you’ve been duped by scammers You saw an advertisement or attended a talk, you thought you have verified the documents, you paid good money and now your calls and emails are going unanswered. What can you do to get your money back? The unfortunate thing is – very little. Few scammers stick […]

What is Conveyancing
Personal,Properties and Real Estate

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhat is conveyancing? Simply said, conveyancing relates to the legal process of transferring the right of ownership of a property from one to another. However, this process can be greatly varied due to the different types of properties available and the laws governing and or influencing the process can also vary in each instance. Different […]