Remya Aravamuthan
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Ms Remya, has more than two decades of legal experience. Ms Remya is qualified to practise as a solicitor in Singapore, England & Wales, and India. Ms Remya is an Accredited Mediator at the Singapore Mediation Centre and is a Collaborative Family Practitioner. Ms Remya mediates at the Small Claims Tribunal, State Courts, Singapore. Ms Remya's services are focussed in the areas of family law (contested and uncontested divorces), cross border custody cases, child custody, adoption, guardianship, Shariah divorces, mental capacity applications, probate, and intellectual property rights (patents, trade marks, designs and copyrights).

Women’s Charter: Personal Protection Order
Divorce and Child Custody,Harassment,Personal

Reading Time: 9 minutesMany people have heard of the term “Personal Protection Order”. However, few know what exactly a Personal Protection Order (PPO) entails, and how to obtain one. Nonetheless, there were 2,811 fresh PPO applications in Singapore in 2016, and 2,885 in 2015. Read on to find out more about what a PPO is, and how to […]

Means and merits testing (Do you qualify for legal aid?) and FAQ on legal aid
Legal Aid / Pro Bono

Reading Time: 9 minutesLegal aid is available for Singaporeans and PR The Legal Aid Bureau provides assistance to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who need access to legal representation in civil cases but are unable to afford it. They must be: Singapore citizens or permanent residents who are in Singapore; Citizens or residents of contracting states who are involved […]

Dividing Matrimonial Assets in a Divorce in Singapore
Divorce and Child Custody,Personal

Reading Time: 5 minutesDividing assets in a divorce is often contentious Splitting assets during divorce proceedings are often contentious and a challenge, regardless whether it’s a sum of $5,000 or $50 million. It’s natural that both sides would want to preserve as much of their assets as they can in a fair way.  The court typically has final […]