Sharanjit Kaur
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Sharanjit is a partner in the litigation and arbitration team. She is a Family Law Specialist assisting clients in all areas of matrimonial law including property settlement, spousal maintenance, parenting matters, child support and financial agreements. She regularly represents clients both within Singapore and overseas in countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, India, United Kingdom, UAE and USA. Sharanjit’s areas of expertise include: dissolution of marriage, property settlements, including matters involving substantial asset pools and complex financial structures, and matters with assets located both within Singapore and overseas; spousal and child maintenance; parenting matters, including enforcement and contravention applications in children’s cases, and relocation and cross border disputes; child support and maintenance; injunctions and restraining orders; and pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.

Divorce Mediation in Singapore
Divorce and Child Custody,Personal

Reading Time: 7 minutesWe’ve all seen movies or heard stories about bad divorces where the divorcing parties are enraged with each other, arguing furiously over the division of matrimonial assets, maintenance and child custody amongst many things. Going through a divorce can be a very painful and sometimes, cruel process for all parties involved. There can also be […]

Varying Spousal Maintenance Orders in Singapore
Divorce and Child Custody,Legal Updates,Marriage

Reading Time: 4 minutesYou have an existing maintenance order against your spouse/ex-spouse. Your financial situation has changed. You would now like to change by increasing amount of money you receive. How do you go about doing this? Maintenance orders are orders made by the court to mandate the payment of maintenance between the married/divorced couple. Unlike the division […]

Is maintenance for wives still necessary?
Divorce and Child Custody,Personal,Regional Law

Reading Time: 6 minutesWhen people hear the term “maintenance” being used in the family law context, their first instinct would be to associate it with children or women. This is unsurprising given that women were historically perceived to be financially dependent on their spouses, and hence greater protection needed to be accorded as they were the more vulnerable […]

Prenups – the next big thing in Singapore
Divorce and Child Custody,Personal

Reading Time: 5 minutesContrary to popular belief, marital agreements are not as uncommon or far-fetched as they may seem to be. But what are nuptial agreements? Why are they getting increasingly popular? Pre-nuptial agreements The days leading up to the big day are passing in a rush. Amidst all the ordering of flowers and fussing over choices of […]

Eyes wide open – How useful and enforceable are pre-nuptial agreements in Singapore?
Divorce and Child Custody,Personal

Reading Time: 7 minutesSigning an agreement to establish how your assets will be distributed in the event of a divorce may sound like a good idea, but will it work? This article discusses the usefulness of a pre-nuptial agreement, and whether you should get one. This article is written by Sharanjit Kaur and Suzanne Kingston from Withers KhattarWong and […]