Stephen Wong
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Stephen was called to the Bar in 2011. He started his practice in criminal law for two years and is currently focused on commercial law and family law. His current practice includes work on areas such as disputes resolution, litigation, franchise agreement, shareholder agreement, divorce, wills, probates & trust. He also has experience in the building and construction industry where he handles cases such as security of payment, billing of construction and litigation. Stephen is passionate about the startup space and advises them on structuring shareholder agreements, exit strategies and many more.

A Guide to Sub-Contracts in the Building and Construction Industry
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Reading Time: 4 minutesIn 2018, the construction demand in Singapore was projected to increase to up to $31 billion. This growth of the building and construction industry in Singapore is accompanied by an increasing complexity in the design and architecture of the buildings, such as the increasing emphasis on high-rise greenery coverage. This means that it is likely […]

“Traditional” vs. “Design and Build” Contracts: What’s the Difference?
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Reading Time: 7 minutesEver seen a shopping mall, or a hospital, or a school, and wondered how an empty piece of land came to house an entire building? Behind the scenes of the buildings that we see in every day life lies a complicated process of construction – from designing, to bidding, and finally, to building.    There […]

A step-by-step checklist to prenuptial agreement in Singapore
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Reading Time: 8 minutesDivorce is stressful Divorce is ranked as the second most stressful life event on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, following the death of a spouse and two places before imprisonment and death of a close family member. “Divorce is deceptive. Legally it is a single event, but psychologically it is a chain – sometimes […]

Traffic Accident Victims: How to Make a Claim?
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Reading Time: 6 minutesGetting into a traffic accident is an inevitability for many drivers. In 2016, the Singapore Police Force reported 10,828 traffic accidents in Singapore. This figure only accounts for accidents resulting in fatalities or injuries, so one can only imagine how many more traffic accidents occur each year. Making a claim after being involved in a […]