Devaraj Viveganandam
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Raj is an Associate of I.R.B. Law LLP and manages the Digital Marketing Department within his firm. Raj is well-versed in different areas of law, from civil litigation and contract law to family and employment law. His comprehensive legal knowledge makes him an expert on a broad range of matters; such as employment disputes, drafting contracts, wills and probate issues, to name a few.

Adoption in Singapore: How does it work?
Divorce and Child Custody,Parenting Tips,Personal,Regional Law

Reading Time: 7 minutesAdoption provides an avenue for people to raise and nurture a child to adulthood. Every year, about 300 to 400 adoption applications are filed. However, the numbers have been dwindling recently. This could be due to the administrative processes that some people may find tedious or complicated. Therefore, I will be simplifying Singapore’s adoption law […]

Guide to Bail in Singapore
Criminal and Litigation,Legal Everyday,Personal,Regional Law

Reading Time: 8 minutesIntroduction We have all seen TV shows like Suits and How to Get Away with Murder, where bail is mentioned by lawyers and policemen when an individual gets arrested. What we know from these shows is that bail is an amount of money someone pays for an individual to be released from prison. However, this […]