Che Wei Chin
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Wei Chin is primarily involved in various aspects of commercial and litigation practice, and has a broad range of practice areas covering both disciplines. In the field of litigation, Wei Chin has handled cases spanning across different courts, including handling High Court applications himself. His wide range of experience in litigation includes tenancy disputes, writs of possession, claims concerning breaches of director’s duties, probate matters, criminal matters, matrimonial matters and various other types of litigation work. Wei Chin’s diverse legal background enables him to merge litigation foresight with commercial sensibility, thus providing him a balanced outlook when providing legal counsel and advice.

Ancillary Matters (Part 1) – We are the world, we are the children: child rights issues in divorce
Divorce and Child Custody,Personal

Reading Time: 7 minutesDivorce happens frequently in Singapore due to a host of reasons: quarrels, adultery, separation, desertion, unreasonable behaviour, domestic violence etc. This article aims to help parties understand their rights concerning the ancillary matters that need to be resolved when a divorce occurs. Ancillary matters (“Ancillary Matters”) include the following: Child custody, care and control, access […]

Can WhatsApp messages be used in court in Singapore?
Legal Everyday

Reading Time: 6 minutes67% of Singaporeans use WhatsApp More and more Singaporeans are using WhatsApp as a main messaging platform to communicate. As of Q4 2016, 67% of Singaporeans use WhatsApp and this is only slightly behind Youtube (75%) and Facebook (72%). Singaporeans are not just using WhatsApp for personal conversations but also increasingly, for business conversations. Inevitable question […]