Wilson Foo
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Wilson is a litigation lawyer at Trident Law Corporation. Besides an LL.B (Cum Laude) from Singapore Management University, Wilson also holds a BSc (Cum Laude) in Information Systems, a BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting and a Master of Science (Merit) in Professional Accountancy. Wilson is especially well placed to handle financial and technology related disputes, in view of his additional educational qualifications which few other lawyers have. Wilson is also a proficient computer programmer in JavaScript, PHP, Java & C++, having deployed several mobile apps. His unique knowledge of technical issues renders him well placed to provide insightful perspectives in technology-related disputes and intellectual property matters. Wilson has acted in several intellectual property related matters, particularly in the area of trademarks. Simply put, when you engage Wilson, you get an accountant, an IT professional and a successful lawyer all rolled into one.

Why The Language of the Law Is So Convoluted: It’s A Feature, Not A Bug
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Reading Time: 7 minutesDense, convoluted and utterly impenetrable to the layperson. One need only cast one’s eyes upon the Penal Code’s six-line, 102-word definition of ‘cheating’ to understand why this is the common perception of most legal documents.  It seems intuitive that having laws isn’t very helpful if the only way you can understand them is by taking […]