A Guide to Affidavits
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Reading Time: 4 minutesWhat is an affidavit? If you’ve always been curious about this odd-looking, strange-sounding word, you’re probably in good company! After all, the word ‘affidavit’ would hardly be used outside of legal proceedings! To put it simply, an affidavit, or what is sometimes also called a witness statement, is a written statement of the facts in […]

What is a Commissioner for Oaths?
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Reading Time: 7 minutesA Commissioner for Oaths may sound like an obscure, highly legalized term that one sometimes hears but never really understands. On the contrary, a Commissioner for Oaths plays a rather simple role – he facilitates the making of oaths or affirmations by persons (who are referred to as “deponents”) which accompany the statements that they […]