The Amended Employment Act– A New Dawn?

Reading Time: 5 minutesAlas, the amended Employment Act has finally come into force on 1 April 2019. For the first time since the enactment of the first Employment Act in 1968, every employee, including all white collar professionals, managers, executives and technicians (“PMETs”) earning more than SGD 4,500, is now covered under the core provisions of Employment Act.[1] […]

Changes to the Employment Act (2018 and beyond): What you need to know
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Reading Time: 5 minutesThe Employment Act (EA) is Singapore’s main labour law which provides the basic terms and working conditions for all employee. On 5th March this year, the Ministry of Manpower announced plans to expand the fundamental coverage of the EA. This was a response to a fast-changing workforce where the number of PMETs (professionals, managers, executives […]

The Employment Act in Singapore Simplified – What You Need to Know as an Employer

Reading Time: 10 minutesWhat is the Employment Act?  The Employment Act (Cap 91, Rev Ed. 2016) (“the Employment Act”) authoritatively prescribes the minimum standard of employment terms for applicable employees in Singapore. In order to avoid prosecution, employers must know whether the Employment Act applies to their employees, and if applicable, how the Employment Act applies exactly. While […]