Know Your Lawyer: Mark Teng, Executive Director at That.Legal LLC, on why he is That. lawyer.
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Reading Time: 4 minutesMark is many things – it would be much easier if I started with what Mark is not. For starters, Mark is not your average lawyer. He is not a meek acceptor of his status quo and is certainly not a follower. “There’s a certain opportunity in the market right now, and I want to […]

Know Your Lawyer: Cephas Yee, Partner at Aquinas Law Alliance, deems creative problem solving essential for effective lawyering.
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Reading Time: 5 minutesCephas vividly remembers a time when he acted on behalf of a wealthy businessman. His business partner had backed out of the deal at the last minute. Upset, the businessman had engaged Cephas to help him recover his monetary losses from the other party. However, after taking the case, Cephas got the feeling that it […]

In-House Counsel Feature: Gladys Chun of Lazada and Yos Pang of Facebook
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Reading Time: 9 minutesAs the spotlight turns on women all around the world this month, we at Asia Law Network also wish to highlight the inspiring in-house women counsel in the legal industry. This week we are very honoured to have with us two amazing in-house women counsel – Gladys Chun from Lazada and Yos Pang from Facebook […]