SMU Lexicon: Shareholders vs Mismanagement by Directors – The power of a Statutory Derivative Action
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Reading Time: 7 minutesIntroduction Let’s say you are a minority shareholder. The company is not doing well, and you believe the company’s directors have committed financial mismanagement, or maybe committed fraud. To make matters worse, the other majority shareholders are in cahoots with these directors, so your concerns are dismissed quickly at every meeting. Usually, a company would […]

Minority Oppression in Singapore

Reading Time: 6 minutesMinority oppression can happen when majority shareholders decide to act in an unfair or prejudicial way Minority shareholders of a company (i.e. those holding less than 50% of the voting share capital of a company) will invariably find themselves being outvoted at shareholder meetings by the majority shareholders. However, this notion of majority rule sometimes […]