3 men with helmets at a construction site (Workplace Safety, Injuries, & The Law_Asia_Law_Network)
Workplace Safety, Injuries, & The Law: A Practical Guide – Part One

Reading Time: 5 minutesGiven the broad scope of the subject of workplace safety, workplace injuries and the law, this guide is presented in three parts, each addressing the following key areas: What is the employer’s “Golden Rule” in the context of workplace safety; Is it sufficient for employers to follow industry-wide practices for employee safety measures; and How […]

How to Defend Against a Traffic Accident Claim

Reading Time: 7 minutesTraffic accidents are not uncommon in Singapore. In 2016, the Singapore Police Force reported 10,828 traffic accidents in Singapore which resulted in injuries or fatalities. Although this was the lowest traffic fatality rate in Singapore since 1981, the number of accidents resulting in injuries actually increased. If you have been involved in a traffic accident, […]