Notes from the Bar – who bears the loss of cyber fraud?

Reading Time: 5 minutesCyber fraud and the hacking of email accounts is an increasingly common occurrence nowadays.  The shipping and international trade industries, where large sums of money are regularly remitted, has become an increasingly attractive target for cyber fraudsters.  The question that arises where there is cyber fraud and monies are intercepted while in transit between payor […]

Hard-selling of beauty services and treatments gone wrong? Here’s how you can get your refund.

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe beauty industry received the highest number of consumer complaints compared to other industries in 2018. Based on Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) reports in 2018, the number of complaints totalled a shocking 1,829. Out of these complaints, 50% were concerned about the loss of prepayments due to abrupt business closures and aggressive sales tactics. Asia […]

“Help! I Just Got Scammed Online Over My Holiday Bookings.”

Reading Time: 5 minutesPlanning your next getaway soon? A recent survey conducted by computer security software company, McAfee, revealed that nearly one in three Singaporeans had a history of being scammed or came close to being swindled when booking a holiday online[1]. Asia Law Network sits down with Viviene Sandhu, a litigation lawyer from Clifford Law, to understand […]