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SMU Lexicon: Fair Enough? An Examination of Existing Legal Limits on Prosecutorial Discretion
Legal Everyday,Properties and Real Estate,Single Mothers

Reading Time: 7 minutesIntroduction The story of Ms Parti Liyani is one of a harrowing journey through the criminal justice system, resulting in eventual victory, but at great cost. In March 2019, Ms Liyani stood trial for four theft-related charges and was found guilty of all four charges. On appeal, it was found that the Prosecution had led […]

Cynthia Tang – the lawyer who set up a law firm to help SMEs in the midst of a pandemic.
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Reading Time: 3 minutesHow do you advise an Israeli high-tech company to balance its rapid expansion plans in Singapore with compliance with industry regulations? Cynthia Tang faced this dilemma at the Singapore EDB when advising MNCs expanding in Singapore. “Most times, the commercial stakeholders are focused on business expansion and see legal consideration as a constraint – a […]

Parliament amends Women’s Charter to introduce divorce by mutual agreement option
Divorce and Child Custody,Legal Updates

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Singapore Parliament amended the Women’s Charter on 10 January 2022, introducing a new Divorce by Mutual Agreement (DMA) reason in divorce proceedings. The change is meant to provide a more amicable option for couples to split up legally. The DMA reason adds a new route for couples to mutually agree that their marriage has broken […]

HSA seizes biggest haul of over $2m worth of e-vaporisers and related components
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Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has seized more than $2 million worth of e-vaporisers and related components after an operation conducted on October 11 2021. It is the largest seizure of tobacco products by the HSA, in terms of the volume and street value of the e-vaporisers, the authority added. The authority said it acted […]

Feeding wildlife in Singapore is a lose-lose situation, say experts

Reading Time: 3 minutesPeople who feed wild animals are being made to pay a pretty penny for their actions, as the authorities move to clamp down on behaviour that could escalate chances of human-wildlife conflict. Members of the nature community tell The Straits Times that this is a timely move, especially with Singapore’s greening efforts paying off and […]

S’pore to introduce new gambling laws that cover arcade games & claw machines
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Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) will be amending the gambling legislation later this year to ensure that the laws and regulations remain effective in the face of evolving gambling products and business models. Amendments will be made to areas including the definition of gambling, social gambling, arcade games and claw machines, and online games. […]