Contracts for Startups — Ying from Via Law shares her experience

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Yingyu Wang

The only female named by The Legal 500 AP as a leading individual for Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Law and recommended for Intellectual Property (IP) Law in 2016, Ying is an active litigator who also advises clients on transactional and corporate work regularly. Ying excels in: Simplifying the complicated Digging deep into issues Identifying commercial & legal interests and risks Identifying the tipping point 3 things you may know about Ying: Called before then Chief Justice Yong Pung How Started legal career in the corporate department in KhattarWong Worked in China in a business-managerial position 3 things you may not know about Ying: A good singer in her mind Best avoided before coffee Favourite TV quote: "Everyone needs a code they can live by" ("Shannon Gibbs", NCIS)

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