A Breakdown of InsurTech Regulations in Singapore

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WanHsi Yeong

Yeong WanHsi practices at ArrowGates LLC. She has extensive corporate experience including multi-jurisdictional mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, initial public offerings, private equity investments, regulatory compliance, financial markets, corporate restructuring and general corporate work. Always seeking to be at the forefront of evolving markets, WanHsi has continually expanded her capabilities to cater to the emerging start-up and Fintech markets. WanHsi is also the founder and benefactor of the Love Changes Nations charity which has done voluntary work over the last 8 years in disaster stricken countries all over the world, including Philippines, Mozambique, Pakistan, Nepal, and Brazil.

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  1. Malledh says:

    Thank you very much for detail insights on insurance tech and mas is looking to new easy to enrouge stratups , we are mycarinsurance market place focus on policy distribution and claims management on mobility , do we need apply for mas sand box to get regulation approval ?

    1. Gabriel The says:

      Hello Malledh, thanks for your comment and question! We consulted WanHsi (the lawyer) and she mentioned that she would need more information to give you more detailed advice on this. May we suggest getting a Quick Consult with WanHsi so she can advise you more about this over the phone? Thank you again!

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