Fintech today – A look at Fintech regulatory environment, and what you need to know
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Reading Time: 8 minutesAmidst a worldwide pandemic that most of the global population had never experienced before, we are living through a period of significant change. We have had to adapt to a life of remote interaction, transacting with parties from the comfort of our own homes, and trusting our payments and information to the vast and limitless […]

Lawyer Feature: Grace Chong from Simmons & Simmons JWS
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Reading Time: 6 minutesAsia Law Network met Grace recently and convinced her that she needed to update our readers on her whereabouts! Kick starting a new career at Simmons & Simmons JWS, Grace offers a different perspective into the regulatory space that we would otherwise not know about. A former in-house counsel at the Monetary Authority of Singapore […]

Blockchain dispute resolution: a better alternative for the decentralised world?

Reading Time: 5 minutesWith the recent judgment by the Singapore International Commercial Court on the wrongful reversal of Bitcoin and Ethereum trades by a centralised exchange operator[1], we are beginning to see blockchain technology slowly creeping into traditional dispute resolution. That dispute, however, was only capable of being adjudicated through traditional legal means because the relevant transactions occurred […]

The legal advice that AI and fintech startups need
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Reading Time: 6 minutesThis article is part of Asia Law Network’s partnership with Tech in Asia where we publish articles written by lawyers on their advice for startup founders. Previously, we shared with you some legal advice that startups in e-commerce, sharing economy, and virtual reality need to know. In this article, two professionals share some legal insights (based on Singapore’s legal system) […]

A Breakdown of InsurTech Regulations in Singapore

Reading Time: 14 minutes#1   InsurTech – What is it? The word ‘InsurTech’ is a portmanteau of the words ‘Insurance’ and ‘Technology’. Essentially, it is the use of technology to innovate and facilitate efficiency and cost-savings in all areas of the insurance industry. InsurTech is seeking to disrupt the insurance industry Just as we are witnessing a radical […]