Know your rights – frequently asked questions on maintenance and child custody obligations after a divorce

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Rajan Chettiar

Rajan Chettiar is a barrister-at-law from the United Kingdom and an Advocate and Solicitor of Singapore since 1997. He set up Rajan Chettiar & Co in April 2003 which is today known as Rajan Chettiar LLC. He is a well-known family lawyer who has acted in high net-worth domestic and international divorces. Mr Rajan is also an Associate Mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre, a Volunteer Mediator in the State Courts’ Centre for Dispute Resolution and Family Justice Courts’ Child Focused Resolution Centre and the Community Mediation Centre. He is also a Child Representative He is also a Child Representative, a Collaborative Family Lawyer and a private mediator where he acts as a mediator in disputes.

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  1. Jeremy Thompson says:

    Thanks for the interesting FAQ about child custody and maintenance! It’s interesting that when it comes to Singapore the laws are based on contributions made by both parties to the marriage. Interestingly, under Singapore law, care and control are usually granted to mothers rather than fathers. And when the child is older, they can decide who they want to be with. I’ll try looking into this more but under the US laws. I’ll try learning as much as possible too from a divorce attorney. I’d try to relay my info to my friend and see if he can use it.

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