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Ern Xu is a content strategist at Asia Law Network. He is a firm believer of making legal knowledge accessible for all.

Asia Law Network participates in the PILnet Global Forum on Pro Bono 2017
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Reading Time: 2 minutesHUNGARY, 19 October 2017- Asia Law Network is proud to be a participant at the PILnet Global Forum on Pro Bono and Public Interest Law 2017, held in Budapest. The 2017 PILnet Global Forum connected leading activists, academics, pro bono professionals and public interest law champions from around the world to share the most effective […]

Managing the Risks of Using Robo-Advisors
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Reading Time: 7 minutesAfter assessing the unique characteristics and risks posed by digital advisers, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has set out several specific expectations that the board and senior management of the digital adviser must address. This article details the key aspects of the MAS proposal. This article is written by Eric Chan  from Shook Lin […]

An updated & practical guide to schemes and grants for startups in Singapore for 2017
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Reading Time: 12 minutesIn this article, lawyer WanHsi Yeong from ArrowGates LLC talks about funding and offers practical advice for existing and aspiring startup entrepreneurs. Funding is undeniably a priority for startups. Staying true to its renowned reputation as a business friendly hub, Singapore offers a myriad of schemes and grants to aid startups in growing and expanding their […]

How to find the best Singapore lawyer for your case
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Reading Time: 5 minutesIt isn’t always straightforward to find the best Singapore lawyer for your case Finding legal help at crucial moments can be unnerving and stressful at times. With so many lawyers in Singapore, it is almost impossible for consumers to figure out who is the best Singapore lawyer to take their case. The truth is that […]

How well do you know Singapore Laws?
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Reading Time: 5 minutesAs part of Law Awareness Week, ALN conducted a survey last week on 5 quirky and interesting Singapore Laws.   After asking hundreds of Singaporeans for their opinions, it appears that Singaporeans might not be as legally aware as they think they are on some issues. The Questions that we asked Singaporeans Respondents to our […]

The Whatsapp Exodus-which app should you switch to?
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Reading Time: 5 minutesGlobally, text messaging has been in decline for the past few years. Research by COMREG reveals that the global usage of SMS has dropped by 44% from 3 billion to 1.7 billion. More and more consumers are switching to messaging platforms rather than traditional SMS messaging. According to data from Statista, the most popular messaging in […]

Deciding how to end your marriage in Singapore – divorce, separation or annulment?
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Reading Time: 7 minutesSometimes ending your marriage is the answer If you are planning to end your marriage, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Ending a marriage may be the right decision for some married couples to resolve differences and get a new start to their lives. According to data released by the […]

Pokemon No Go: 4 ways you could be unknowingly breaking the law
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Reading Time: 3 minutesIt is official. Singaporeans have Pokemon Go fever. Public spaces are more crowded than ever and players are congregating towards Pokestops and Gyms. With this increase in public interaction, here are some laws that you might know you could be breaking. 1. In your search to catch ‘em all, you could end up committing trespass […]

Can Pet Owners take legal action against a deceitful Cremation Company?
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Reading Time: 5 minutesExpress Pet Cremation is currently under investigation by the police for giving fake “pet remains” made up of sand and cement to pet owners. While the boss of the company has denied any wrongdoing, the investigation has definitely planted the seed of doubt amongst previous and current customers. Owners should first establish evidence of wrongdoing […]